Wood Chipper


Wood chippers reduce branches to wood chip, greatly reducing volume, making it much more efficient to transport. We are happy to leave wood chip for the customer for gardening if required. Otherwise we can remove the chip.

You may find wood chip useful for flower beds, weed suppression or footpaths. Wood chip removed from site is used for farming and gardening.


Wood Chipper Hire

We provide a wood chipping service as part of our tree surgery service. We also provide a separate wood chipper and operator hire service.

TP150 Calderbank

chipper for web








Tracked Wood Chipper

We have a tracked wood chipper for hire with an operator. Being self propelled, this enables access to areas away from the road or where access is difficult. It also enables chipping directly on the work site if required.

Please contact us for rates.


Tow Behind Mobile Wood Chipper

We have a mobile wood chipper for hire with an operator.

Please contact us for rates.


TP150 WillTipper-Chipper